Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons


Swimming lessons will be offered at Lakeside Pool this summer.  All lessons will be private lessons.  However, children in the same family can sign up for one time slot. (limit to 2 swimmers, 3 if they are at similar levels) If you have questions about this, please contact Laura DeWees @ 507-573-3230.  


Alayna Akers will be our lifeguard teaching swimming lessons this summer.  She is returning for her third summer at Lakeside Pool.  


Lessons will be 30 minutes long and last for one week.  Lessons will begin the week of June 6th and end the week of August 16th.   Swimming lesson registration will begin on April 4th.  To sign up for a time, please email Laura DeWees at ldewees84@gmail.com.   Please DO NOT email me before April 4th.  


We are looking forward to an amazing summer teaching many children new swimming techniques! 


Laura and Alayna